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Plovdiv is located at 49o9' N and 24o45' E and is at 160 m above sea level.
The city spreads over an area of about 53 square km in the Upper Thracian Plain,
along the two banks of Maritza River.
The favorable climate and the strategic location added to the city's thriving
during almost all historical eras.

Plovdiv is center of the Plovdiv Region whose area is six thousand square kilometers.
This is 5,4 % of the total territory of Bulgaria. The region comprises the central
part of South Bulgaria and is divided into 16 municipalities.
There are 730 thousand people living in Plovdiv Region, which is 9 % of the population of Bulgaria. The proportion of the town-village population is 71,2:28,8 - a high urbanization ratio.

Important international routes pass through Plovdiv, which since time immemorial connect the East with Europe, the Baltic with the Mediterranean, Black Sea with Adriatic Sea. The six rock hills give to the city a picturesque beauty that is second to none.


Plovdiv's junction location and the rich cultural and historic heritage, have long ago determined the city as a cultural, commerce, communication and tourist center. The population of Plovdiv City is about 500 000 people. The labor force is about 230 000 people.


Administratively Plovdiv is community with six municipalities whose mayors are elected by the Municipality Council. The 51-member "Local Parliament" - the Municipality Council and the Mayor of the Municipality are directly elected.

  The functional system of the municipality consists of Mayor and his deputies. Each of the deputies heads directorate - in Plovdiv they are six. There are also Principal Architect, Municipality administration - divided into directorates and a Secretary of the Municipality. They are all elected for a four years term.
The local elections are held every four years and normally do not coincide with the presidential and parliamentary elections.
The Municipality of Plovdiv plays a significant role in the economy of Bulgaria.